Sunday, April 24, 2011

a little needed update:

Hello, and Happy Easter!! Here's just some highlights of the last few weeks/days.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I've been on this blog. (opps).

First I would like to say Happy Birthday to my little brother (april 17). We had our up's and down's while growing up (but didn't we all with our little siblings? play really well, then fighting the next?) But now since we're older Im glad to have you as my little brother. You have grown up into a wonderful boy ( I know you're 20 your still a boy you will eventually become that "man". ) So Happy Late birthday shout out.

Second- Cole Williams (meredith's baby) Why aren't you here yet?! We are all waiting for you to come, your late!! If you knew better you would show up now so your parents can stop waiting for you and can start loving on you!! So good luck to Meredith and Scott! I know you will be great parents when he decides to show up!!

Third- Congrats to Tiana and Bill on their engagement! Im very happy for you two to get married! :) You guys seem so happy, and Im hoping for many many happy years ahead!!

Fourth- Happy one month birthday to my little "niece" Faith! I can't believe she's already a month old! Which reminds me I probably should drive that 2 hr drive to see her again, it's been 3 weeks since I've seen her. I bet she's just growing so big!!

fifth- Congrats to Emily and Robert! Your wedding was really pretty, and you both look very happy! I wish you two the best!! And many many years of happiness! Communication is key, listen, and smile!! :)

Alright I think thats' all the shout outs I have right now.
 here's more updates:

Soccer has been amazing! I have been getting better! :) Last week I scored one goal (which was awesome) And this past friday I scored 2 more! And we even tied 5-5!!

SO last saturday night I went to Emily's bachlorette party. It was very low key, opened some gifts, shared some information, ate food, and hung out with a drink.
Then I went to Tiana -Bill engagement party. It was more loud, but it was a good time!!

So this past week I allergies kicked in. My mom and Paul both were like I dont think your sick, I think you have allergies since your always sick this time of year. So I bought some allergies medicine and it seemed to work. My nose is still stuffy but oh well. I believe its' from the Japanese cherry trees.

Since my breathing hasn't been 100%, I haven't been able to run . :( it's been a week. I only ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill. GOSH I have a half marathon june 5 whyu in the world didn't I run all week???? So this week, and to june 10, I will be running! Ask me "alyssa have you ran today?" I think I need people to push me. I know since i sign up for a race I thought I would push myself. This week off the wagon. :(
so here's what Im going to do this week::
Monday- Run (3-5miles)
Tuesday- gym (weights, and stair master?)
Wed- Run (5-7miles)
Friday--one of these days I have soccer. It maybe saturday so I will be running one of these days probably 4-6 miles. then soccer
my goal is to get back up to where I was! then next week I will be back on track, with even more miles added.

And now this blog is up to date: time for today:
Happy Easter. I opened this morning with lovely tiffany! :) A very wonderful open! And smooth day over all! I was even let off early!! :) So since i was off early I had time to surprise grandparents at church today! They were shocked! It was nice seeing people I used to see. BUt the church has gotten a lot smaller when I was going there. The message was good, talked about prayer, and a little bit of Jesus and how he died for us and risen days later. It wasn't the easter message I was hoping for but it was still good. As I sat listening, I remembered why I slowly stopped going there. Lack of people my age, (now it's all older people), preacher different, (the guy this morning was a little boring-dry- and drives me nuts how he can't say things correctly (like ask sounds like ax) and plus he was saying he had to clear things up before he started-now wouldn't you do that during the announcements and just start teaching?? oh well. ), old hymns (sounds good but old English words), It was good being there, but I didn't get that feeling of being up lifted like I do when I go to other churches. But over all it was good! Made grandparents happy, and i was able to attend a church even tho I was 10min late.
Then went to my aunts with so many family, friends, and visitors all joining together to share food and good times! :) But boy after eating great food, I was very sleepy. When I got home, I was so tired I took a lovely hr half nap!! :)
so Happy easter and I hope My updates are more then less often!!

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