Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yes blah is correct:
I was very happy to get michelle's lovely virus.. Thanks michelle. It started yesterday, I was at work, and then it started, I wasn't feeling well at at.. But i knew I had a few more hours left and IM home free. So i kept it cool. I felt like i wanted to throw up.. (thanks michelle once again..) But let's just say, I never did ..thank god! So i went to get a movie right after work, and went home to nap. A nice 1hr 30min nap! :) it was much needed, still not feeling the greatest I popped in  the movie the "tourist" ( not the greatest--thank goodness for 1dollar rentals.) Then i took another lovely nap! Now two naps in a day isn't common for me so I know i wasn't feeling 100% my self. I also had to go to happy hour with friends, so I actually went, feeling better but not 100%. As soon as I left dinner, I went to get another movie and returned the other one. And I went right into my pjs, and it was only 7pm. I know I know lame huh. I then just sat on the couch the rest of the night, went to bed at 10 and slept!! Thanks starbucks, i was up at 430, 515, 645.. a nice way to sleep in on my day off.. but i stayed in bed until 830, (yes i went back to sleep) and got up feeling not 100% but more like 90%! Watched  "love and other drugs" (good movie!) and meet sara for coffee. At this point I was feeling still 90% but not 100%. I forced my self to the gym My plan was to run 7 miles .. but that didn't work out. so I biked for 6 miles and walked/jog one mile. After the gym Im feeling 95% better. thank goodness 12 hr bug, didn't last long! And once again thanks Michelle.. :p

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