Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Wow, It's been a long since I have wrote on here. opps. I guess that's because I've been busy. "alyssa what are you doing that's making you so busy?" (you might wonder). So let me answer that question::: Today was my 5th open in a row and had 2 other shifts = 7 days of work in a row. So i go to work, go home take a nap, work out, watch some tv, make dinner, go to bed. and it starts all over again. SO today no fooling around, 1030am came and I left. :) I wasn't feeling that great but I went straight to red box and rented a movie, went home took a hr half nap ate some food, and relaxed. I loved it. i watched the tourist and  it was okay. ANd later happy hour! :) I can't wait.

Well I have my first running race this sunday, Im getting scared. but I know i can do it. it's a 12k. (7.5 miles) and my pace is doing well. I ran the other day, and I ran 5 miles in about 40 min. :) thats pretty good for me. I will let you know what my time will be on sunday. I just hope I can focus!! :0

well, nothing really else to report about.

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