Sunday, April 10, 2011

12k race, WHAT a ride!

Today was the day, I have been training for for a month or so. Today was the day i was going to run a 12k (about 7.5miles). I saw this race on line and thought hey this will be fun, so I signed up. And I was hoping more of my people that I ran with would run. So tiana mentioned she was going to and same with brian. but as it got closer, the weather was suppose to be horrible so tiana was going to back out and so she did. :(
so now it was just me. I was so nervous this morning. I woke up ate some breakfast, and got ready. We were ready to leave by 720 and got there at the race in renton at the landing at 810. on the way up it was raining as usual for races, but weather gods were nice and it stopped raining, and no wind either! SO it felt just like the last race i ran last year the 10miler on in gh. so the Race started at 9 with no rain!. I got my picture taken with the seahawk bird man :) And then it was time to line up and start the race. Paul and I line up together but we knew in the end we would be on your own. So I started back at the 9min pacers. but to be honest once I crossed the clipped time thing i pushed myself through the people to get where i wanted to get to. I kept my pace pretty well around 7:45-8:20. So i was pretty proud of what I was running. I didn't experience any pain (minus my ankle which was kicked last night from soccer), which is a good thing, but I did end up getting warm but i just kept running past people. We ran around the landing, down the street, to where the seahawks practice at, and back around the landing to the finished line! The place where they practice at was so cool, the blue sounders? were there playing music and it just felt amazing being there and experiencing this. At that moment I instantly felt more energy and just kept going back to the finish line. Let me tell you this: that last mile from 6-7 felt so long! And then 7 to the finish line was even longer. My nike sensor and the mile markers didn't match up so i never knew when to really start run faster. Finally the light at the end of the tunnel had appeared: The finish line, I instantly started to pick my speed up and finished on my phone saying 1:09:45 so not bad. but my official chip time was 1:08:23! I was very proud of what i have done.
over all results! :
time: 1:08:23
runners in the 12k: 1370, = 580/1370
females: 180/778
females in my age group: 16/64
over all not bad at all! I will be looking forward to more races, alone or with people but Im ready no matter what. June5, half marathon and I will face eachother.


  1. Great job Alyssa! You will totally do awesome in your half!

  2. Good job lady! Sounds like you need to calibrate that nike sensor if you care about the accuracy at all. Can't wait to run the NODM with you in June!

  3. I have calibrated my sensor. I think the problem was that I ran it as Km and not miles when I ran that race.

  4. Good job Alyssa. I'm also looking forward to our half marathon in June. We're even roommates! Tell Paul to keep the boy stuff under control. LOL