Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A big ball of light was in the sky!

The first time in weeks the sun finally showed up! It was great! I woke up and saw bright light coming in my room. I instantly thought I must get out there and run. But I waited until 10 to run since it would be a tad bit warmer ( by like 2 degrees) so around 10 I put on my running / gym clothes. Adding to that a jacket ( light one) and a vest. And gloves. It worked out pretty nicely. I wasn't that hot or cold. At first my legs were shock to the cold but instantly warmed up! I even was a little sweaty when I got back ( I think it was from all the layers I was wearing) but it felt great to be back outside! I didn't run thAt long only 20 min and 1.5 miles. I would have gone longer if A) my sock wasn't bugging me B) my blueberry bagel kept being burp up. Either way it was still great being outside running in the sun down town gig harbor! I even tried out my new armband for my iPhone. I loved it!! Wish I had my earbuds but I couldn't find them. Turned out it was in my other jacket pocket! Over all I'm looking forward to running!
Which means I need a running plan!
Any suggestions ?

Besides running today I cleaned the whole house! Floors, windows, bathroom I mean the whole house minus pauls room of course . So now the house looks really clean. Let's see how long it will stay that way!

Today I hung out with my two dear friends Leigh and Sara! I just love hanging out with them!
Then went to the gym with alex. But 500 calories and made chickrn dinner with salad. :) and of course my lovely sweet tooth came along too :(
Over all it was a great day minus paul being mad. But I won't go into

Have a good night

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