Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awkward maybe?

So I would like to say great job hawks! They beat the saints! And they had some pretty good plAys! I wore my Seahawks earrings today and one customer David gave me crap. Well I guess he owes me an apology. ;)

And second: when did the word stop mean keep going and not stop? How about quit it? And no. ? I feel people hear those words and keep doing whAt they were doing. And why may I ask. ? To bug me or what?!

Anyway here's something very awkward that happened at work today.
Set up: I'm ringing people up, there's a little line forming. Angela is behind me, michelle was making drinks.
This guy walks up and I ask him what his drink was and this is how the rest of the conversation went:
Me:What did you have sir ?
Customer: tall .... Blah blah blah
Me:okay anything else. ?
Customer: yeah cAn I ask you a personal question?
Me: sure 
C: What do you think of breakin up with someone over text ?
Me: it's stupid. Doesn't really work. Might as well do It in person. 
C: are you a party girl? ( someother girl) 
Me: Uh. It depends?
C: well how about breaking up with someone on the phone. 
Me: depends on the situation.  Might as well do it in person. 
Me: okay. Well have a good day?
C: how about email? 
Me: Uh. 
C: can I have yours?

Really how the heck do you respond to that?! So of course the next customer ask if I was okay since I was blushing. Of course I'm goin to blush. That was super awkward. 

All I can say Is wow your nuts!!

And I will leave you with this: how would you have dealt with that problem?!

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