Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Hello and welcome to my first and ever blog! I figured since it's a new year, and I will be doing a lot of running this year might as well start a blog to write down my thoughts, ask for advice and just add random things from my life/day.

Lets do a little recap of 2010, of my good and bad points:
Good points of 2010:
-- I started playing soccer for the first time ever in my life. I had never played before and my friend/coworker tiffany mentioned that she was going to look in to a soccer team.. Thanks tiffany, Im loving this sport and im glad we all are on the same team together!

--Also thanks tiffany for getting me into running!! I ran my first race ever last year. It was called "over the Narrows"-started from uptown GH across Tacoma Narrows Bridge and back.. a total of 10 miles!

--I was accepted into UW-Tacoma which some really not to great grades..but didn't go..(couldn't afford it at the time I was accepted..)

--I finally finished Tacoma Community College, after 4 years..(it shouldn't have taken that long) but i finished and finally have a degree (which came today 1/6) debt free even!

--Went to california with my awesome friends, and drove a mazda 6!

-- I'm living on my own

--Finding out that people around me are all having babies..(my best friend megan, my long lost friend Donna, Jerry and his brother friends/coworkers at work --Cheryl, Angela, and Meredith, and a few more) I can't wait to meet these babies! :)

And now for the bad:
-My camera broke, so I've been camera-less
-having to decide what the next step is for school
-having to deal with people and changing plans
-and to end the year, had a not so great Christmas( over slept, late to work, no makeup, couldn't get the hair to curl, could't find the goodies of desserts..and it keeps going..)

And now here is some of my New Years goals!
-New Friends
-Hanging out with old friends
-New style (clothes, hair-out look of life..)
-picking whats right for me (school, life and so on...)
-running more races..( a half marathon or more!)
- to get better at soccer
-to be able to move out on my own, (right now im living with someone)
-travel to more places
-get a new camera
-being more affectionate towards people
-become a shift leader at work
-get a tattoo
-work out more at the gym
-drink more water
-save more money/invest money
-making more dinners/not eating out as much

Well Hopefully 2011 will be a better year for everyone!
Stay posted on a blog each day (at least I will try for each day!)

I will leave you with this:
gym workout-- ran 3 miles under 27min
 stair master: 100 fights of stairs, in 20min
total time: 47min + 500+ calories= Alyssa that is feeling great!
(btw I have done some kind of work out since sunday 1/2)

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