Thursday, January 20, 2011

A good laugh.

What a day.
Worked, worked out, made dinner, finished Bl, saw a friend. Over all a good day.
So Funny thing at work today. Our door was broken so people would grab the door and noticed it wasn't opening. So Seth was like oh I'm going to put out the chairs. And instantly went to the broken door and went slam straight into the door. It was very Funny! :)

Then I made this really good dinner. It was In my crock pot. Had chicken, corn, onion, mustard, pepper, chicken broth, veggie juice, and few other items. Mixed in crackpot for 4 hours and worked out during that time. It was good. And I have plenty of leftovers. Oh the joy of cooking for 1. Yes you heard 1, let's just say haven't talked to Paul since Tuesday night.

Gym: why is the stair master and I not the best of friends? I sweat so much on that machine compared to other machines!! But I guess I know I got a workout in. Total: 45 min cAlories not sure. And climbed 250 floors! And did weights.

Then to end my evening I hung out with a dear friend :)

I hope tomorrow is a good day! I don't want aNy favoritism ! I want to have a good ti
E T soccer and just. Good day in general

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