Thursday, January 13, 2011

internet and grandparents do not mix!

be prepared this one is a long post! some venting mentioned too.

So, the other day, I went to my grandparent's house (home on wheels basically) and she was telling me how she wanted a new email address since something wasn't working for her. ( or something like that--I don't remember all the details right now). So I sent them up with a yahoo account instead of GMail. And the whole time i was there she was complaining how she hates facebook, how she just wants people to email her on her email accounts, and how she wanted to get rid of facebook. So today I had a phone call.. it was grandma, "Alyssa I can't seem to log in to my email.." ( what a great way to spend my day off...teaching grandparents to use email...) So i get there this afternoon, and in two seconds I was logged in to her account. Then I imported contacts from email addressed and combined them to one email address. she then freaked out since an email came back saying delivery failed. I opened it and turns out that some of the emails she had on gmail wasn't correct.. ex: yahoo spelt like this yhoo. or having two servers on one email address ex:  really what one is it grandma? is it juno, or comcast?? it can't be both. so we were having that issuse. (as I slowing losing my patience for this thing...)
Then I fixed facebook, and i asked her to open a new tab...
grandma:"uh.. what, how do i do that? "
me:"go to that little square, and a new one appears..."
G:" OK now what...??"
me:"grandma, go to, but erase the open new tab writing first..."

I love my grandparents but technology do not mix well together!!!
If you never get old please do not contact me for any of the following questions: (yes all of these in side brackets have happened!)
1). you can't get on the Internet (probably cause your not connect)
2.)you can't log in to your email (because you were typing it wrong)
3.) that you don't like facebook because you prefers email better..(it's 2011, people use facebook to communicate right now...)
4.)get a phone that you are able to use..( I know phones come with directions but all I have to do is click things and bam i fixed something in 2 seconds compared to you reading the directions and figuring it out 3 days later...)
5.) dont go to fancy with tv's ( yes tvs are easy to use, but if you need to scan channels first, dont freak out that your tv isn't working. Yes, I went to my grandparents house one day and they were telling me their tv wasn't working, it was because it was new and they hadn't scanned for channels yet, and they were reading the directions, and I just happened to click a few items and bam done.
Im sure there's more, but I can't think of them right now...

Today I went to the gym for almost 2 hours.. that never happens! I guess I was just in a working out kind of mood when I got there.. or maybe it was because i needed to burn the calories from all the cookies i had ate today..
So i did the elliptical for 60 min burning 680 calories, and total mile 5.25
also, i felt like i could still go, so i hopped on the treadmill and ran 1.60 miles in 19min. then Alex and I did weights, and I worked out my legs and abs!

so total: almost 2 hours at the gym
Calories: 800+
Miles: almost 7 miles...

over all a good day, and now im hungry again..

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