Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An interesting drive.

So this morning I had to work ( originally my day off) so after playing in the snow last night I went to bed hoping for it to be gone when I got up. Well I guess we had at least 3 inches here. I kept waking up last night to check of the snow was gone. Nope it was still there. I swear I checked a few times. I had set my alarm for 5 just encase snow was still outside. Sure enough snow outside still at 5! So I went back to sleep for another 30 min. Got all ready for work and left my house at 7. Giving myself a whole hour! So here was my drive to work:
I live on a hill so my driveway was snow. Put car I to low gear and drove. Then snow plow came and moved all snow to my driveway. So I had to deal with that. Went though the harbor and on to 16 dealing with slush. I got on to 16 and freaking didn't see a huge puddle of water and basically hydro plane merging on 16. Then people were driving super cautious and by this point it was raining. Got on to bridge and it was windy. Drove to work in more slush and side way rain. And pulled up to pouring rain. So that was my drive to work.

I was able to go tp the blAzing onion in gh for 50% food!! :) they had a fun activity going on where you find a few items off their list for 50% off ! I went with alex and paul yum!
Then finished my night with dark mint chip cookies and lost!
Workout: none :(
Yesterday: 5.50 miles tredmil
3.50 bike
Total:9 miles plus 1 in the snow= 10 miles!!

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