Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a little update.

Life has been a little bit busy the last few days! I dont even remember what I wrote on my last post.. I have been posting on my iphone so hopefully this will go faster, and make more sense. HA ( yes you maybe thinking what she's been posting a blog on her iphone? yes it takes a little bit longer but I hardly turn on my computer anymore.). And I can't believe that Jan is almost over...what the heck?! time is just flying by so fast!! Jan almost over which means feb is coming, and there's a lot going on! : My birthday, mom's birthday, my friend's babyshower, and my dear friend donna will be having her baby! :)

First of all I would like to share this:
mashmellow mocha coffee creamer is so good! I think i need to find more of that creamer!! I had some in my coffee this morning and man oh man it was super tasty, and it actually makes me want another cup right now! It sort of taste like coconut! YUM!

I yet haven't picked a running program for my half marathon.. I guess i haven't really thought about it.. well today after I write this blog, and pay bills I will look into them!

what have I been doing lately? Well I saw my best friend megan the other day. she's so cute a little prego! I cant wait for my little "niece" to be here! I need that baby fix holding baby and such. (I still do not want kids but having a baby fix helps!!!)

Anyway, I've been thinking about a tattoo lately.. (yes Im 22 and still zero tattoos..) I found one I like.. it's little daisies on a star..I love daisies and stars so why not combine both together (when I figure out how to upload pics to this blog I will show you). So this past weekend I did get another ear peircing.. makes it 4 now. I dont know why  i did another piercing, but i did. I figured it was time to get another one.lol..

and I will leave you with this!
I ran a litle over 3 miles on saturday afternoon while it was actually decent weather! It felt great running outside!I think I should have gone more except I was meeting friends so 3 miles was all I could do!
This week: Im planning on running more than 3 !! (okay even without a running plan Im still running outside and im loving it!!)

well have a great day!!

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