Friday, July 8, 2011

update of my life since the last post..

Hello my readers! Hope everyone is doing well. I bet you're all wondering where I have been since the last post (well I know at least alex wants to know about my life ;) ) well hmm.. I have been working alot lately as usual, taking naps, and running around town.
Basically my life hasn't been exciting, sorry guys.
Heres some things that I do recall doing:: I made my first banana bread the other day!! :) It was very good!! :)
Ive been going to bridal showers/weddings.
walking alot, and enjoying the sun.


Happy Birthday Alex

Happy late birthday to Alex (june 18). Alex and I have been friends for a few years, but we first meet in L.A class at GHHS. I believe it was in 11th grade? We would get assigned to sit by eachother, and I swear this kid would always fall asleep in class. (am I right alex?) Then we had more classes our senior year, and finally our friend sara made us all hang out. ANd Im glad she did. now alex and I hit the gym together, play soccer together, and just have fun! I made him an ugly cupcake cake and it was yummy!

Congrats to Jennifer & KC (marriage june 18) Sorry i couldn't come but I know you guys will have a happy life together!

During the wedding

You now may kiss your bride :)

Tiffany, Meredith and I

Niko and I at the wedding

jaime and I

Tiana, Meredith and I

Tiffany, myself and the photo bomber alex

first dance as one! :)
Congrats to Tiana, and Bill! (july 2) Thanks for allowing me to be at your wedding! Im glad you two found eachother! I have so many memories with Tiana :) we first met at starbucks! Boy did we have fun! Weren't we always eachother dates on the weekend? you and I at the bucks on the weekends together. oh good times!! But I wish you two the best!!

Well, I can't wait for this weekend, it's the first saturday off for a really long time. I will be playing not 1 game but 3 soccer games tomorrow! 2 out door game and one indoor game. It should be fun, the outdoor games are with my old team (we're taking a break for the summer) and my indoor team is brand new. I am actually a little scared. I never really like getting outside of my comfort zone but i guess it's a good step for me!! Wish me luck!!

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