Wednesday, July 27, 2011

just a little update.

Hello  my friends. Man i have been not doing my job of keeping up on my blog. Nothing to much is going on, just the normal: running, soccer, working, cleaning. The other day (saturday) I played soccer. I was told from my team that each week they see improvements from me. That makes me feel that im glad I kept playing over the summer. This team passes, traps the ball, and talks. Paul watched the other day and he also said it was fun to watch that team play. we played the sounders and we were pretty well matched up. I was more in people's way, passing to the correct people who were open, and attempting more goals! :) over all im glad i kept playing over the summer.

Today i went running :) I had an idea of a long run today. I got all ready, and left my house and out the door i went. I was .25 mile down the road and noticed no knee brace. "oh crap" that meant no long run because i didn't want something to happen. so i cut my run short. "bummer" i ended up running 3.25 miles not what i wanted but oh well. no real pain so that was good. so i took it a little bit easier because i didn't want to hurt my self. so i ran from my house past tides, up to bk, and back down the hill. nice hilly workout but wish i went more but better safe then sorry.

well i believe thats all I have to say for today..

oh wait.. just in a few days from now I will be attending my friend leighs' wedding. Im actually really excited! :) Im really happy for her! :)

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