Monday, August 1, 2011

stunning just stunning!!

Hello, I can't believe it's 1st of Aug. WHere is time going?? It's just flying by. The last few days have been busy!! Thursday- I was able to meet up with my friend kelsey! I hadn't seen her since april? way to long tho! I miss seeing her and such but it was good haning out! Friday- i went to a bbq at the lovely hicks house! :) always a fun treat! Then Saturday was normal go to work kind of day. well after wards I needed to go running to get some stress out. it felt great! The weather was warm by that point and I had been up since 4 so it was a little bit harder then normal but i managed to run 6 miles! then took a little nap and then it was soccer time. So i ran 6 miles and played indoor soccer with no girl subs so i was one hungry and tired girl!

The next day was a day off!! :) not because it just happened just because it was my friend leigh's wedding! :) Since i had the day off i was able to go to church. It was great being able to attend with my mom even. then it was meeting with sara and alex and head to the wedding! But before we could head out we had to find a garter on a sunday morning. yes the lovely bride forgot hers and called us to help! lucky for her, we (i) knew port orchard had a jo anne store. so we ran into there and found one!! made it to the wedding super early and the stress bride became less stress and started to enjoy the wedding day! The wedding was at alderbrook. very pretty. they got married outside over looking the water. a very small wedding but it was perfect! Colors were pretty, flower girl was funny, music was great, bride cried walking down, and it was short and sweet! I really enjoyed it! then they had a little happy hour while they took more pictures. I thought that was a great idea! It gets people to talk to eachother drink some and enjoy while not just standing/sitting around. It was good seeing people i hadn't seen in a while. :) then it was time to move from outside into inside. They had some yummy food, cute enterance, bubble blowing, yummy cupcakes and cake, great company, funny/touching speeches, over all a really good wedding. probably one of my favorites so far this year! :)
Im glad i was able to spend and attend this wedding and see my friend get married to her best friend. they are truely perfect for eachother! Best wishes!:)
here's just a few pictures of the wedding!

Shout-out:: happy birthday to my uncle Calvin! He's such an awesome person. A follower of christ who's belief has become much stronger! He's great at soccer, singing, and helping. Im glad he's my uncle!

And now the mini vacation starts!: wine tasting, sun, and no starbucks drama! :)

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