Friday, August 5, 2011

Mini vacation!

After months, and months of working my butt off it was time for me to have a mini vacation. It wasn't much but it was something small and not at work. I normally have tuesday and wednesdays off so i made sure of it and added thursday. so now i had a mini vacation. Paul took off this whole week, and we went to the east side of the mountians. But first we had to make a trip up to seattle. He had to meet up with a guy to talk about work. So i was of course with him. We parked right by top pot doughnut and walked a few blocks to a starbucks where we were meeting this guy. While walking I found this. It was the coolest thing ever!!

We finally found the starbucks and it was a very small one. No lobby to sit at, so we sat outside. I had to wait outside starbucks while paul and this guy went inside a building to talk. Here I was 9 am in down town seattle outside drinking coffee, trying to read a book. Thank-god for iphone, fb, words with friends, and text to keep me busy for 45min!! I did happen to see a tow truck towing a tow truck. how often do you see that? hardly ever! Then finally after 45 min of sitting outside, paul comes out and goes alright lets get that doughnut i owe you for sitting outside. so off we went to top pot grab one and headed to the car! And we were off to the east side. First stop leavenworth! For a tuesday it was freaking busy! It was cool just walking around the shops, and enjoying the WARM! After that we headed to chelan! Once again warm!! It felt like summer! So tuesday night we walked around, and found a yummy pizza place to eat at at a park. Omg that pizza was so good!!

Then wednesday we had no real plans, but we did walk to get breakfast at the apple cup! I had some amazing french toast! Yum just writing about it makes me want to have some more. then afterwards we went mini golfing. Paul and I are very "we must win" kind of people. well after 18 holes, we were freaking tied. odd.. but whatever! Then we went wine tasting.! this was the first time I've ever done this. It was pretty cool new experience.
the first wine place we went to

the 3rd wine tour place

We went to 3 different places, and tried 6 from one, 4 from the other and 5 from the last. I know im a white wine fan and not a red! these places were amazing. great views, nice building, and such amazing!
 first was a view of farms, second was on top of a hill over looking water and farm, and the 3rd one was way up on a hill having a 365 view of everything, from water to mountians to farms. stunning! 
 I loved it. we found some wine we liked and had to buy some! I can't wait to drink more wine. then later we went back to the hotel and went swimming/tanning outside. Then it was time for dinner so we went to the drive in. :) yummy, and ate it outside :). After dinner we really wanted some apple crisp. so we walked back to apple cup and got some. the best part: i didn't want ice cream and they added it anyway so the waitress was like "oh they put ice cream on it.. it's on the house' SCORE.. FREE!!! :)
Then thursday we had no real plans, so we grab some breakfast at this little place, and headed out. stopped in a few towns and looked around and ended our day at panera bread in GH., non fast food + band= nice way to end the mini trip!. Over all it was a great trip! And actually the first trip alone with paul and I. over all a fun great trip! :)
I will leave you with my favorite picture of the trip..

looks like im flying out of the car

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