Saturday, August 20, 2011

2nd half marathon is a go!

Wow, I have been lazy about writing on my blog! it's been a few weeks. so dont think i can remember everything but I will give some points:

:Happy 3rd birthday to my cousin Rylan (8./5) I can't believe its been 3 yrs already. I remember the day when he was born. I was on big cousin duty pickin up his "big sister" and take her there when he was born. It was a warm sunny day in aug, we got to the hospital met with grandma and grandpa while they ate food. went up stairs and no joke, baby was born. craig was holding this tiny (slimy) little boy. My heart just melted. instantly thought " heres my new favorite cousin" sure enough this little dude and I (when it worked out) hung out, :) played bubbles, and such. he's growing so much and into a funny little man! :)

:went to my friend beth bridal shower. it was very cute/low key! :) No real bridal shower games :)
she did have to answer questions about her soon to be hubby. a silver bag with good items and red with bad items. well lets just say she didn't know that many questions so there fore the red bag was used. in this bag was some interesting items to name a few: honey, body chocolate paint, tassels, frosting, undies..
the good bag had: things she registered for.

: I finally bought new running shoes. no more nikes for right now. these shoes are so light and i feel like i can run "faster" :) still breaking them in but soon enough i must do some long runs! I have a 10 miler coming up and 2nd half! while i was running the other day this bee was charging after me. no joke. i ran faster that bee was there. I started to freak out. I dont want to get stung and i hate bees. so i kept pushing my self hard until i didn't have a bee after me. by this point i was more worn out then i wanted to me so i headed back home. plus i hadn't had enough water, been up since 245a, and was getting hungry.

: My long lost friend donna and her mini me (storm her husband too ) is in washington visiting. I was able to go see them. I miss her tons!

: the other day I picked black berries with my mom, lets just say she's nuts. she wanted to me to go into bushes and grab berries. but she better be making me a pie

And for the title of this blog.
Thats right I signed up for my second half marathon. you go girl one down town tacoma. it was expensive but it should be fun! Another reason why i should start hard core running again because september 18 is less then a month away and im only running 4 miles in my new shoes at a time. but i know i can put my mind into and focus. maybe i should not eat cookies? (wow that would be hard)

well i think thats all for now in my blogger world!

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