Wednesday, July 20, 2011

black spray painted sounded like a good idea at the time...

Hello my little readers!
Hope all is well with everyone, ive been keeping busy! I have been sick or dealing with allergies for 2 freaking weeks now!! Its been horrible, just go away already! But today after 2 weeks i'm basically all better now. Thank-god, its' been long enough!! So having whatever it was for 2 weeks, made my work outs/runs harder to do. honestly it's harder to run when your own nose is running. but finally this past week ive been working out again, and it feels great!! I wrote out a schedule last sunday and so far so good I have been following it. basically it says the day, what i must do for errands/bills, if im working, and what kind of work out I need to do! So monday I ran 2 miles to calibrate my nike+ and that was a little hard, the air was thick sun was shinning, and running around a track was hard! But i did it, with no knee brace either!! Im thinking I over worked my knee while i was training for my half but im glad i didn't have to use it :). Anyway at one point i was running and a bee hit my leg good thing i had pants on!!! SO i ran 2 miles but i wanted to keep going. So i actually went to the gym and ran 3 more miles on the treadmill. It actually felt great being able to run again and no running nose either! :) Then tuesday I ran again. this time more outside. I think it was only a 3.5 mile run but it was mostly hills! then today i hit the gym, and did something other then running. Tomorrow: will be a run day!! :)

* Why do people pick to work out next to me when there's so many other open machines all around. I dont mind having people work out next to me but when you start smelling, it's harder for me to focus and continue my work out and breathe. As soon as I change machines, i lost motivation to work out as planned. UGH! *

Today I felt like i needed to fix this table i have. So i went out bought a sander(pad) and paint (spray) and sanded my table. then I painted it. note to self: need more then 1 can of paint, and might as well gotten a can of paint and brush. I now have a black table, that still needs a touch up again! But it looks pretty good. I will post pictures soon.

A little shout-out:
Leigh- happy bridal shower!  i can't believe your getting married soon.. I can't wait !! :) She got a lot of gifts, and it was very put together!

why is it everytime i go to a bridal shower im the one they want to dress as the bride? No i wasn't the bride at this one, but my team did win the dress picking ! :)

well i believe thats' all for right now!

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