Thursday, June 16, 2011

frreedom (or at least I have the house to my self)

Finally after months of living with someone, I get some me time for a few days! When I lived with my dad, he would be gone during the weekends, or for business. But ever since I moved in with Paul, it's not like that. It's been since OCT of an empty house!  I will be enjoying a nice clean house all to my self! He left yesterday to a friend's house, and I deep cleaned my house. I usually clean once a week on my day off, but today was major.. I cleaned, every room in the house just encase I wanted a party or something. So I cleaned every room minus pauls messy boy room and the box room. It's nice having a clean house to enjoy for a few days! :) People may ask, so what will you do being alone? Here's what Im planning. :) I will be hitting the gym after work, watching tv( or the lack of tv we have -- this is the time I wish I had real real cable). Make food for me only! Bake a cake for Alex, have my family over for a little BBQ and just enjoying being on my own! (yes Im on my own--but now it's just me right now!)

anyway moving on.
So today also since Oct was the first time I washed my car! My oh My was that car dirty!! I had to wash it like 3 times to get all the dirt off!! I was planning on washing my car at my house but the water outside was turned off. GRR stupid landlords! SO i went to my mom's to wash the car, and I can say my car seriously looks brand new, super clean! Next I need to clean the inside of the car out! That will happen soon enough.

Ive been running again. :) Yahoo my legs are working, and Ive ran 7 miles so far this week. I know not good enough but i sort of took that break since the half marathon. Yesterday, 5 miles no aleve, no knee brace!! :)

I will leave you with this funny moment.
so I have a cupcake pan I got for xmas. I used it once for my mom and it didn't turn out. so i thought i will make one for alex. so far so good, I sprayed the pan, and flour it. I popped it in the oven and waited. The timer went off and epic fail again. i guess the oven racks were lowered and I didn't noticed. And my lovely cake rose up and it was touching the oven rack. So i tried to pull off the rack with oven gloves of course, and bad idea. It sort of scrap off the top of my cake. :( I wasn't happy. not only did the top come slightly off it was turning into a mess, and yup falling into the oven. So now i have a lovely oven cake mess to clean up. Im not really looking forward to cleaning up the mess but it must get done. So alex you better like this cake or else!!

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