Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Patty's day run-tacoma

Here's a recap of my St Patty's day race!
My race outfit--i added a jacket
I really have to say I dislike running in the rain, and I might as well get use to it because every race so far has been cold, and raining. So I need to overcome the cold and rain and run outside in the rain more often. So I kept checking the weather for this day, they kept having snow flakes. Oh great snow, it's march! But when it got closer it was just cold and raining. Most people said they saw snow but i never did. SO the day of the race. I had my outfit picked out the night before, I had running skirt, with my sparkle green skirt, my crazy socks, with a green shirt and a hat. well the morning of i said no way to the skirt and put on my north face running carpis and added the socks to cover my legs. it actually turned out very cute!

So Paul was running as well, so we left and parked his car at his work and took the light rail.
I met up with Tiffany and met some running girls. It was freezing waiting for the race to start which started later then expected. So the ladies all went up closer to the starting line since they all had PR to get,. I didn't have a PR so i went back a little bit since Paul was running. So I think I was near 10min pace. I knew I wasn't but oh well. So we were off. I kept dodging people and trying not to slip going down this hill. mile one felt great, my sensor was a little off but not to far off. :) mile two it was me, Paul was some where behind me. i saw Tiffany at the turn point. she wasn't that far from me. :) It started pouring and windy at one point. I knew the sooner i get finished the sooner I can be warm again! OMG the last mile was a hill. I walked a few times for like 10 seconds to catch my breathing and fix my sparkle skirt. then i saw the finish line, so i started to get my self together and bam I started to sprint. I kept passing people, and saw the time clock, it had just turned to 27 min. I was thinking hmm not bad. My last 5k in gh was 29min. so i did a tad better! I found Tiffany and we took some pictures while i waited for Paul.

Turns out I should have checked the results when i was finished. I apparently placed in my age group! here are the results:
Total of runners 173/1698
female runners 47/1184
20-24 females 3/69
finish time 26:27
pace 8:35!
Over all I did amazing!
I wished I would have waited for my ribbon.. but I did email them and they will be sending it to me! :)

I can't wait for my next race!!

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