Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crazy weather Washington!

The weather has been crazy lately! It goes from sunny, to rain to wind to more sun. On Monday it was cold, and very windy with pouring rain! It was nasty out. They were calling for snow in the next few days. yes I said snow. it's still winter people! Spring doesn't show up until March 21? So Tuesday morning I wanted to hit the gym early since im usually up on my days off at 5am... But I just stayed in bed and try to enjoy "sleep" but I couldn't, so I checked facebook. One post said, "i woke up to snow..." And i was like what?! So i jumped out of bed and sure enough it had snowed last night. Im down at sea level so I probably had half inch? But much easier to drive in since it didn't stick to the roads! SO I was curious How much GH actually got. So i got ready and headed towards starbucks because I needed some coffee before dropping my car off to get fixed. Over all it was pretty post card picture moment out there in Gig Harbor. I happened to take some pictures :)
Then this morning, a beautiful sunrise and temps in the high 40s, tomorrow 60! Spring is coming! :)

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