Thursday, November 3, 2011

November already?

Hello my friends.
hope all is well. Here's a recap of the last few weeks since apparently i haven't wrote on this since oct 11. Yikes!
well Lets see what i can remember from that long ago.

Well last week i had to deal with a lovely circuit breaker making noise. Paul was gone for a few days and of course this started about the day he left. he went on a work retreat. I had to preclose that day. I noticed a humming coming from somewhere, but i honestly thought it was the neighbors left a fan on or something. but as soon as I got home from work, it was still humming (i got home like at 9pm). i went to bed by like 11 because well i wasn't sleepy until then anyway. The humming got louder, and It kept waking me up. At one point it was making a beeping noise. I thought to myself oh crap you got to be kidding me. what if this catches on fire? why does this happen to me when no one else is around. of course paul can't fix/look at it or call the landlord when i tell him to call. so i got up and went to the couch to finish sleeping. by this time it was 630am. I should have just got up and went to the gym. but i was tired and went back to sleep. Then around 9, i went to check on it and yup still humming loudly. UGH. so i got ready, and then i decided to check what one was making the noise by turning off all of them. turns out it was the circuit that controls my room, the living room, and half the kitchen. so i didn't want to deal with it all day, i turned it off and went to my mom's to watch tv and such. about 6 hours went by and i got back home, and turned it back on. it stopped humming. but i was still concerned with the noise of it. and i asked paul to call, and of course he didn't. and yup the humming started a week later. i think this will be an ever ending problem. UGH!

I was able to run a halloween run. i was very excited. this run was at the 5 mile drive and it was at dark! I had my outfit all ready and i was running with paul. i was dressed up as a lady bug. the outfit worked out really well. it was calling for rain. but i was ready. it didn't rain untul the end of the race while we were walking back to the car. so this race was awesome. it started at 7:10 was suppose to start at 7. oh well it was late. it was foggy at the fort nesquillie area and windy. it made it spooky which was awesome. my pace wasn't that great considering the night before i had gotten hit in the rib cage from soccer and it was giving me a side ache which was sucking. i picked up my pace near the end and finished the race in 47min! :0 not bad for having a sore rib cage.

I wore my outfit to work on monday and it was fun just to dress up with the only 3 other people who wore outfits! we had a superman, a cat, and a lady gaga. and me of course. it wa a fun day at work.

halloween night.
i had made tacos for dinner and invited sara and alex over. we ate some tacos and headed out to the bar. we were the only ones who were dressed up that night at the bar. yes everyone had their halloween things over teh weekend but still people should be dressing up! so we had a few drinks and went back to my place to play wii dance. that was a fun night.

well i was going to post some pictures but my computer is acting really slow right now. even while typing this is't lagging what im tryping. so have a good day!Q

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