Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry christmas and Happy new year!

Merry christmas (late) Hope everyone had a great time with friends, and family. Here's a recap of my lovely christmas.
Well My dad moved before Thanksgiving, and so he sent me some cash. Which I bought a lovely new iphone 4s! (Thanks Dad) then he also sent some pj pants and such. Then my mom got me some more pj pants, and some useful items like an iron, food storage containers, baking pans. :) Over all it was a good christmas eve. Christmas day was another story. I usally work that day because it's fun to do. but after this year, Im having second thoughts of why did i put myself through this? Well this year we MUST worked all but one holidays.. (thanks my awesome boss.....NOT) So i asked for thanksgiving day off because i wanted to do a turkey run. so christmas day was not really choice. so it started off well, until partners were fighting, and customers were just plan rude! after that day my christmas sucked. I went to pauls family house, and then left. Anyways over all it wasn't a great christmas.
And after gettnig christmas day tips, it wasn't worth working that day!

I can't believe 2011 is almost over! WHere in the world did the time go??
Well looking back from 2011, I went to so many weddings! I believe 6 people got married, but I only went to 4! Still that's alot of wedding. Congrats to all my friends!
I also attended alot of baby showers! I think i went to 5? Holy babies! Congrats to all you guys with little ones. I love seeing all your babies growning up to little toddlers!
I ran  2 half marathons this past year, and really got into running!

This coming year, Im hoping for a good year! Im hoping to run at least one race each month! Jan wont have a race tho, but feb,mar,apr are already set! :)
With all that running, Im hoping to get in better shape, and improve my personal records, and eatting better! Im also hoping to work out more at the gym, and tone up! :)
Which all that working out, I would like to improve my eating. Such as eat more meals at home, cook more and eat less sugar crap! I know this will be hard to do but I know it's going to a great pay back in the end.

Also I know one for sure wedding I will be attending in this next year! Congrats to Kelsey and TJ on their engagement! :) Im so happy for you guys!

Well those are some of my new year goals!

Happy new year and stay safe!

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