Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012! New Year, New blog layout! :)

Welcome 2012, the year of the dragon.
I can't believe another year is here. I swear it just felt like July, but now it's Jan! crazy! My new year's wasn't that exciting, just went to "first night" down town Tacoma, and drank some wine and passed out by 1130pm.
Most people on their blogs wrote about their past year events. Well, I will do a little recap from this year.

--this is my first whole year for blogging. I started last year and I'm going to keep up with it.
-- i was invited to so many weddings this past year!
--not only weddings, I attended lots of baby showers.
--I got my first tattoo, and 4th hole ear piercing.
--I tried to cut fast foods, and french fries out of my diet. I did really well, i only broke eating fries a few times!
--I really got into running, I ran my first 12k, first half ever in June, first half under 2 hrs in Sept-also placed 3rd in my age group! I beat my time from the 10 miler "Over the Narrows race". I ran my first race in dark (Halloween run). And I ran my first turkey trot, 10k.
--I've lived on my own this past year
--I've been out of college for a year as well.
--my dad moved away.

In this next coming up year: I am looking forward to what's to come.
--I know for sure there's at least one wedding I will be attending :)
--I would like to run at least 3 half(s)
-- I would like to run at least one race a month to keep me going!
-- I would like to run 600+ miles, (last year I only ran 350)
-- I would like to stop french fries, and cut back on sweets, less eating out more eating in
-- work out more on a set schedule
--read a book
--get a higher degree
--traveling more
--taking a picture a day for a year, and get a new camera!
--get another tatoo

so over the next 12 months, if you want to workout, run, or anything with me, I would love it please!
Happy new year :)

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