Friday, January 20, 2012

Adventue of snow.

heres my week and yesterday experience...
Alright, I've been working my butt off ever since before Christmas. Dad moved in November and after Christmas we talked about me coming to visit. So i had two weeks to pick from. Jan 19-24 or the 26-31. Well I picked the first week I could the 19-24. I have been so excited leading up to having a vacation in some 70 degree weather! Finally a week before I head out the weather started to turn.
The weather kept getting colder and colder. Snow mixed with rain, and icy roads. Monday- Icy and some snow showers. Tuesday I woke up and looked outside, there was some snow on the ground, I had to open. So I left at 3:45a to give myself 45 min to get to work. (normally it takes me12min) So i got out of the driveway okay, and headed up Stinston hill. That road wasn't that bad either. Once I got to the top of the hill a freaking blizzard started, I freaked out some thinking "i have to go to tacoma I have to get to tacoma..." I was driving slow and I totally missed the onramp for 16. Which then at that moment i wasn't going to tacoma. So i called Paul, and he got up and got ready to take me. I couldn't turn around because I didn't want to get stuck. So i braved it down rosedale and back stinston and up my driveway. And that was a total of 15min. Thanks to paul for driving me to work.
Wednesday- the news was calling for snow and lots of it. So i texted the boss asking if we were opening up an hr later. her response: "The roads are bare and clear, we will be doing the normal time..." At this point schools were being cancelled. Now yes I would be concerned but okay. So I woke up at 1am and looked nothing was outside. Thank-god. (BTW I usually have wed off  but not this week) I went back to sleep knowin the alarm will go off in a few hours. at 2am I looked outside and saw some falling. At 3am I saw the roads were covered. I freaked out, jumped in the shower and got ready for work because I knew I had to leaver earlier then what I wanted to do. So by 320 I woke paul up and he looked outside and said he couldn't take me, to much snow. I texted the boss and told her I couldn't make it, i had 3 inches already at 3:30 and it was just going to get worst. Im pretty sure she wasn't happy, but im not killing myself. So Poor Tiffany for opening and closing.
So I went back to sleep for a bit more after 2 hours of being awake before that. And then had a snowday-- walked around GH took picutres and saw a frozen harbor breaking up, and grabbed some coffee. then made a snowman.
That day my boss texted me saying i wasn't needed for thursday, I asked if she was sure, and then gave me option of 6-10 and let her know in the am. Well the roads were getting icy and at 5pm I texted her saying i wont be able to come in the roads were to icy. No word, no word, so at 730 i texted her again and said cool? She kind of gave me attitude but whatever Im not killing myself to get to work. Once again poor Tiffany for walking to work and opening again! your a rock star! So I had another snow day. This week is going to suck for money.. :( monday- home early 45 min tuesday i think was normal- wed didn't show, thurs, didn't show.  :(

which will now lead me to my next adventure. blog above!

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