Friday, January 20, 2012

Worst experience ever!

I already mentioned this in my older blog (Snow) but encase you didn't read it.. I've been working my butt off since september! My dad left in November, and right after Christmas he called me to see when I wanted to go see him. I said after the new year. So I had 2 weeks to pick from. Jan 19-24 or 26-31. So i picked the sooner the better.  Once it was booked I was so excited to be getting some warmer weather and see my dad. I normally do a countdown but I didn't this time around since I will be working 8 days in a row so that was my countdown just to get finished with work. The weather man kept calling for "SNOW" I started to freak out because I really wanted this vacation. ! It started snowing Tuesday and I all i kept thinking was Please please allow me to leave. It snowed wednesday then froze thursday. I was schedule to leave Thursday. I was all packed and ready to go. I cleaned the house and was set to leave. I have never flown alone before. The roads were still icy but the flight hadn't been cancelled or delayed (scheduled to leave at 3) so we left GH at 12 and flight was still not delayed. Roads were still slushy and such and it was cold. We got to the tacoma dome and alaska texted my phone saying it was delayed by an hr. Okay an hr i can handle this. Snow kept falling off cars and scared paul, we had to pull over at federal way for a bit. the time we were pulled over so he can relax ice had formed on the passager side window. So Now im a little more freaked out about flying and getting there. So once we got moving again, we got another alart saying 30more min delayed. So we stopped at a starbucks to wait since i didn't want to get stuck at the airport. Grab coffee, ate some food because at this time I knew I wasnt going to get dinner because I was suppose to get pizza with dad. While sitting at starbucks another alert happened. 30min delayed. So now Im 2 hrs delayed. So instead of 3 it's now 5. So he dropped me off at the airport. And I was all alone. I had never done this before alone. I was a little nervous. So I found the reader board to see what gate. C-20. So i followed signs to gate c-20. walked right up to security which never happens. took things off and in buckets. Shoes, Jacket, ipad, liquids. I thought i can just go walk though, but nope I was pulled to this AIT machine.  I think i used this once before. I dont know why they keep picking me for that machine. I had to stand still for 20 seconds with my hands over my head, and i had my id in my pocket i had to hold to that as well. So at this point I wasn't having a good experience. I looked it up on line and AIT machine  they pick people who have more clothes on? I took the north face off but i had a scarf and fleece on which was probably what/why i had to use that machine. Anyway that was one experience.
Then I had to look for C-20. But first I needed water! I grabbed water and off I went looking for my gate. The plane was schedule to leave by 5:15. I found my gate, text my dad i should be there by 830. There wasn't any seats so i sat on the floor until someone got up. Finally got a seat, and bam an alert went off on my phone. My plane was delayed until 620. So i left my dad know it was delayed again. At this point i started to freak out. Never flown alone and now dealing with delays. :(
Then 10 min later they switched gates. So i had to pick up and move. no seats so i sat on the floor. the flight next to me got cancelled. so i watched people deal with that. My phone battery was dieing so i wasn't using it much, i was keeping entertained on the ipad. Then alert happened again. plane got moved up. I was excited. then it got delayed back to 620. They then passed out some food, but i passed because I usually can't handle it. Then they kept saying we were waiting for the deicer truck we were 4 and then went to 3. then it was 6;20 when we were suppose to board. no word, no word, 6:50 time we were suppose to fly out, still no word of getting on the plane.
And BAM alert happened. flight CANCELLED. We all had the alert sent to our phones and the counter didn't know what was happening until at least 4 min later. And sure enough cancelled. I was pissed. I called my dad in tears, yes tears I was so hoping to get out of washington for a bit. he wasn't happy either. He then called alaska since it was his credit card. SO the next flight out was saturday night. so we did a refund. i wasn't happy.
So i had to call paul to get me, and i had to wait an hr for him to get there. the roads were icy and horrible. I sat and waited. By this time I was starving, tired and pissed. Got in the car and off we went to icy land of home. got home at 930 and got stuck in driveway. I wasn't happy. I have vacation and now iM stuck here at home. :*( so that was my horrible travel experience where I never left! Im still a little sad/depressed.!

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