Monday, January 9, 2012

Don't you wish somethings would just go away?

You might be wondering why this title... well lately, like I have mentioned before in other posts, i would like this person to not die or anything just maybe move on and do something else. Maybe something that fits this person better. This no name person, was pretty good at one point, but now is lazy, doesn't do their job that well, stresses everyone out, and we are tired of it. This has been a long 2+ years of this.

anyways.... here's a thought.. who schedules a work meeting on a sunday night at 8:30pm for an hr and expect people to have a coffee tasting?? Really? Not only was I a little annoyed with this a few others were too. Some had opened and didn't want to come back in, some had the day off and didn't want to come in, and some just wanted to go home after work. So why a meeting on a sunday night? Well to taste and talk about the new Blonde roast coffee. Yes, we have tried this coffee before back in november with our holiday meeting. I was annoyed since i had to pay a toll again, and had to open the next day. I showed up, listened , smelt coffee but didn't taste it since i knew i wouldn't been able to sleep that night. The meeting lasted until little after 930, i got home and in bed by 1020. And woke up super tired and went to work this morning. I did my shift, and after i was pulled into the back room to talk. This so called talk, wasn't a "hey hows it going.." it was more like "i know you and someone else was mad about the meeting being so late..And how you had to open this morning. I'm here all day (12hrs) and have to open tomorrow, we all have to do our jobs and such. And I'm the manager im here to listen to anything that needs to be address and (blah blah blah...)"
People maybe wondering... what did I say?? Well, this came out of no where! I wasn't expecting this talk! I showed up, and all that crap! I only said okay, and alright. but seriously? You're the boss, you are suppose to work long hours if needed. Maybe if you did your job your boss wouldn't make you cry so much! man up!

so i just needed to vent!

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