Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, I was finally able to leave the house by myself yesterday! I took myself and my car to the gym, I really needed "me time" even though I've been alone it was nice to be alone and not in my house. It felt great driving my self! Paul has been driving me since tueday morning. So it was nice having that freedom again. Man when it snows my driveway sucks! My driveway is a hill and it curves. Note to self, I Need a shovel! That will be my next purchase for this place. Alright the snow can be gone now. I've been looking at it since last sunday! Today is was 50 degrees and theres still SNOW on the GROUND.. WHAT the HECK! Go away already! Mostly it's on side roads, side of the roads, and yards. I wanted to go running today but still some on the sidewalks. So soon i will be able to get back to normal and run! I miss running. It's been seriously a week plus! I just started getting back to the gym. Gosh stupid snow and ruining my workouts. !
Well since i'm still home for my vacation- my goal is to work out as much as I can! There's really nothing else i can do while on vacation. I've been pretty bored. baked, cleaned, scrapbooked, and cabin fever. but im' glad it's finally gone and I can do what I want without having someone drive me some place.

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