Sunday, February 19, 2012

february's one and probably only blog...

Hello! I haven't blogged all month! OPPS i guess I have been caught up in life. Well so I guess I need to catch up on whats going on.

Happy belated birthday to my mom. (2-6) Over the years i feel like we have become closer in our relationship as mother and daughter. We don't fight like we used to do, but i think we still need improvements.
For her birthday we went out with my brother and his gf, and my aunt and we went out for dinner. Which also turned to be my birthday dinner from my aunt as well.

Later in the month, Valentines day came. Im not a huge fan of that holiday. There's reasons: first while growing up it's always been the celebration of marriage bliss of my grandparents and my parents. So it's always been about them. Yes I would get some candy from my parents. But i just didn't enjoy it. Maybe because I got older. I was reading another blog and she mentioned valentines day isn't the same when your older. I got to thinking and she's right. When you're a kid you decorate little boxes, you buy cute valentines and address them to each student, you bake cookies and just have fun. Then you grow up, things change and this Hallmark holiday isn't fun anymore. Things change, and my parents wedding bliss ended a few years ago still leaving this holiday not my favorite. Im still happy and get my grandparents things for their wedding bliss of happy 48 years together but still not my favorite. Flowers are jacked up in price, same with candy. Why not just wait feb 15 and buy your loved one flowers and candy when it's cheaper.? Or i would rather just wait on my birthday for those kind of things!

Now which leads me to my birthday :) Im now offically 24 years old. Seriously where did the time go? I feel like I just turned 21! But now im 24. I didn't do much for my birthday just because it's not a milestone. So basically my birthday started last sunday. We had a family party. SO with all the cakes, apple crisps and candy, I need a hard core cleansing and workout. I actually love birthdays, its time for mail in my mailbox :)
I was sent a few packages, and cards! My dad this year isn't here (he moved) so he sent me some nice earring studs! :) Thanks dad! <3
My mom gave me some more eye makeup!
And friends gave me :A car wash, And then the lovely giftcards/cash that will help me with my new camera!
So it started to feel more like my birthday on friday: Work had cupcakes for me :), my friend tiffany davis made me this awesome cake. then saturday I was spoiled! Flowers, coffee, gibsons, lunch and a few drinks! It was a go go go kind of weekend.
In the morning I ran my first 5k of 2012,(more in detail later) then it was go go go as i mentioned above. went to seattle area and did some shopping, found a new running jacket, and pants :) then it was a night of soccer and drinks. i was suppose to play two games but since it was my birthday i only wanted to play one since i wanted to go out afterwards. good thing :)
over all it was a great birthday :) Thanks everyone !! I <3 you all!

note to self: busy day, plus lack of sleep plus couple drinks = very tired girl took a 2 hr nap after work!

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