Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday run over view

So my goal for 2012 is try to run a race once a month. Jan I didn't do any races but did run 30 miles.. so over all not bad. So I had my first run in feb, and it happened to land on my birthday so it was perfect, since i had already had the day off! So this race was called "Knock your socks off" It was a 5k, put on by the local running store, and i usually run the same course too, so it was perfect! This race handed out socks unstead of shirts. Sweet new socks! So the day of the race: I checked the weather and of course facebook because well it was my birthday so i was getting so much love! The weather called for rain. UGH I hate rain, It's just not that fun to run in the rain. So I got up, ate a banana and put my outfit on. I wore a running skirt with my sparkle skirt, a long sleeve shirt and a jacket, cute knee high socks that were red and dots, and my hat. I also grabbed a vest to help with the rain. over all a good choice of clothing, Just wish i had a running jacket.
So we were off, up the hill to the race. it was pouring, windy and cold! All the componets i hate. We got out of the car, and stood all together waiting for the start. It was freezing, and windy.
9am, and we were off. running around this building 2x which i thought was stupid, and then ran along the cushman trail and back up. on the way down it was hailing, side way wind and rain. it was horrible! Finally the finish line :)

finished at 29.20sec, places 62/126 people. so not bad for dodging people and dealing with the rain.

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