Monday, May 7, 2012

Half Marathon Completed in Snoqualmie recap!

First 2012 Half Marathon Completed :
So this past Saturday I finished my first half of many this year making this half 3 over all. Tiffany mentioned this race a few months ago saying it was "flat and fast" and i looked it up and it was cheap! So that was my kind of race. So i signed up and started running. A few weeks before this race I had a "training plan" sketched out on a piece of paper. I never follow a plan but this was coming fast and i needed to schedule things properly. So I wrote down every day up to the race, planned out short, and long runs, writing down the days I have soccer so i know not to run on those days and days I need to hit the gym, and have softball. It was working really well having a "schedule" but a week before the race my work schedule that have been the same for the weeks before changed this last week a little bit. I went from having 33 hrs to almost 40hrs so that messed up my training i wanted to do this past week. I wanted to hit one more long run before Saturday and a few short runs with a couple of work outs.But it didn't happen that way. I probably only was able to do a workout and a short 3 mile run. I didn't play soccer Friday night since i didn't want to hurt my self.

SO the weekend finally arrived- Friday I was drinking tons of water and eating carbs(bagel and pasta). Saturday woke up early (5am)got ready, and I was meeting Tiffany at 6:30, but before hand I needed some coffee, I never have coffee before a race but this didn't start for another couple of hours, and I was getting a headache. So i grabbed a double shot espresso with some coconut. it did wonders, no more headache! :)  I got to Tiffany's and we had to take some pictures since we had our outfits all picked out! We had matching black shirts, arm sleeves(didn't match) pink socks, green sparkle skirts and flowers in our hair. We wanted a colorful outfit. And sure enough we were colorful that people kept coming up to us saying they liked out outfits :) and even an event photographer took our picture like 3x times!

We got to the race super early, we wanted a nice parking spot. :) Paul was meeting us there. So we got there used the bathroom and walked around staying warm inside a gym. We met up with Paul and it was time to head to the start line. I had in my mind finishing around 2 or under. Why not the race said flat and fast, and I'm used to hills so it should be a perfect race to do a 2.! We all started together and that was great, but somewhere around mile 1.5 i started to go faster. Paul wanted to get 2:30 or less and Tiffany didn't really have a goal since she was running the next day. So off i went. i kept looking around enjoying the town that I've never ran before. The mountains were stunning, houses were huge, horses were out in the fields and rivers were beautiful! I kept just looking around while running, the weather was a little cold at first but it got better while we were running, the sun appeared some and some rain cooled us off near the end., my Nike kept telling me my pace and mile. It said i was doing a 8:52 most of the time. I knew my Nike was a little off but it was still pretty close to their markers. but then again their mile markers were messed up some, some missing, and such. So I kept running, and was around mile 7 wondering "okay where the heck is the turn around point? I hadn't seen any one pass back yet..." I think finally around 7.5 I saw people coming back, and i thought "oh good the turn around is coming soon.>" Nope not at all, it was far in this neighborhood, and i think it was around mile 9? And i thought if we go back the same way it's going to be 18 miles to the finish? But once we got back we went a little bit different way then before.. good thing! So we crossed a little bridge and headed back into town. I saw the High school where we started and thought oh good almost done. but little did i know they made you run past and do this little circle around the parking lot then a lap on the track. that track i felt was super hard to run since it wasn't really a straight away until the very end. oh well. I kept passing this girl from high school, we were playing leap frog from mile 9-12. I caught up to hear when we got to town ran together until the school, and I was ahead of her, I swear to God I was ahead of her and finished before her but apparently the timing website said she finished before me but i don't think that's correct.So I'm pretty sure they got us mixed up?. I guess I need to wait for pictures...

chip time 2:00 (a few seconds...) :) so i finished this race at 2 hrs :) I was hoping to get under 2 but oh well life goes on, i finished at 2 hrs. :D
Tiffany and Paul actually finished within seconds of each other. I was proud of Paul for running that pace the whole time. I guess Tiffany and him were playing leap frog and maybe she pushed him secretly? great job guys 2;06?

results: (i think still they got us mixed up, since at the school i swear I was 5/13 in my age group--so here's the results from the site--which are probably off by one other wise i will come back and change everything by one...)

overall: 256/486 finishers
female: 106/288
age: 5/13
pace :9:13.

photos will be added soon.....

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