Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catch up

WOW I hadn't wrote a blog post since last month! I guess my life has been BUSY lately. So here's a little recap of the last month of my life.
I've been working alot, working out alot and yup thats my life in a nut shell. With a half in a few days, I wrote out a workout plan a few weeks ago making sure I will be able to run a half on May 5. So with working and following that workout plan, I have been busy!

SO a few weeks ago I was able to finally see my best friend Donna and her husband storm and baby kiera. They recently moved here from SC? And Im glad she's back. :) So it was good seeing her and having her 10-15 min away from me! :)

Gig Harbor finally got a yogurt shop! Dun Dun Dun.. which means Im more addicted to it then ever before. I think it opened on 13 of april and I think i've gone 8 days since then ? Can you say addict?

I was able to go to La Conor to see the tulips :)

And Happy birthday to my little brother who turned 21! :)

And this girl started playing softball. Yes I said that correctly  softball. Now not only do i do that im still playing soccer and running.

Well basically thats been the over view of the last month! I know it's all random but it was all i can remember!

Well i better get going so I can run a bit outside before my half marathon on saturday!

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